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Girl Scouts vs Aliens

Prepare for the greatest low-fi sci-fi comedy adventure on Earth! Our four teen heroes are on their last ever camp, when an alien spaceship lands in the next field. With only camping kit, scouting skills and toasted marshmallows, can the girls save the world and keep the gang together? Prepare for puppetry, physical theatre, fist-pumping pop music, survival skills and science in our thrilling new ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ show.

Girl Scouts debuted at the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and will return in 2020 for a UK-wide adventure!

(Logo created by Laura Wingrove, production shots by Eleonora Briscoe)


Girl Scouts and Where to Find Them

Charlotte Dowding - Ruby

Charlotte graduated from Mountview in 2017. Other training includes GSA, National Youth Theatre and The BRIT School.

Credits include: Eat Your Heart Out (Edinburgh Fringe), Paper. Scissors. Stone. (Elevator Festival, Vault Festival), Common Ground (Etcetera Theatre), Commercial Break (Theatre 503) and The Taming of the Shrew (Brockley Jack Theatre).

Charlotte says:

I’m Charlotte and I’m playing Ruby. Ruby is easily spooked and very anti camping, but she’s also very clever and a scientist who would do anything for her friends.

Were you a Guide or Scout?

I was a part of Rainbows, Brownies and Guides. I had fun making new friends and some new skills ... which have been forgotten, but going camping was my absolute favourite part of it, fun activities, yummy treats and songs round the campfire! 

Three things you'd pack in a survival kit

Food (for myself and also for distracting other creatures), water to keep myself hydrated, and rope for obstacles I may come across, and to help build me shelter - rope is always useful

Georgina Rose Hanson - Olive

Georgina was born in Yorkshire and graduated from Mountview in 2017. Her credits include 'Bright Young Things' (The Other Palace), 'V for Victory' (Stockwell Playhouse) and 'Ferguson's Gang' (Yvonne Arnaud).

Georgina says:

My name is Georgina, and I play Olive. She's a brilliant young girl from the North who is fully immersed in her own little world of food, poo jokes and, of course, her fellow girl scouts. 

Pitch the show in three words 

Friendship, aliens, snacks. 

Three things you'd pack in a survival kit

A tourch, a compass and a year supply of houmous

Laura Jeffries - Tilda

Laura graduated with a BA (hons) in Actor Musicianship from Mountview in 2017.  

Credits include: We’re All Going On a Summer Holiday (UK Tour), Aladdin (UK Tour Pantomime), Girl Scouts vs Aliens (Etcetera Theatre), and The Pied Piper (Cornerstone Arts Theatre, Didcot).  Laura is so excited to reprise her role in Girl Scouts and can’t wait to make her Edinburgh Fringe debut!

Laura says:

I am Laura and I play Tilda. She's a very organised, passionate girl who wants to do/get everything right.

Were you a Guide or Scout?

I was a Brownie, then I went on to be a leader at my old Brownie pack, then ran my own Rainbow unit in London for a couple of years.  I loved it! I made some awesome friends and LOVED earning the badges.   

What would you say to an alien?

Hey, welcome, do you have chocolate where you come from? 

Laura Wingrove - Sydney

Laura started her performing career at the age of 3, as a child weeing in the sea in a holiday advert. After that illustrious start she attended 10 years of theatre education, placed highly in competitive improv and has since gone to perform in commercials, multiple theatre productions, play a villain in a VR video game, narrate a children's television show and even be a stand in for one Emilia Clarke.

Laura says:

I’m Laura! I play Sydney, the Australian girl scout. Sydney is the peacekeeper of the group who desperately wants one last camp with her best friends before she has to return to her homeland.

Were you a Guide or Scout?

I wasn’t a Scout, but my dad was! One afternoon, his parents accidentally forgot to pick him up from Scouts (the 70’s was a different time), and he was stuck in a park well into the evening. Those scars clearly never healed as Scouting was NOT on the table for us.

What would you say to an alien?

I honestly think I’d be too stunned to say anything for a minute, I’d just hold out my battered VHS copy of "E.T." for an autograph.

The Scouts Behind The Scenes

Writer & Director - Madeleine Perham

Designer - Katrin Padel

Stage Manager - Helen Burdett

Movement Director - Josie Shipp

Science Consultant - Isla McKenzie

Production Electrician - Stephen Poole

Prop Maker - Huw Steer